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Assistive Devices with Robotics
Collaborating Organizations: Girls Connect To the Future & Robotics: Fundamentals of Information Technology and Engineering
Grades Served: 7-9
The Girls Connect to the Future (GCTF) Program had a seven week summer component that focused on strengthening academic and technology, social and life skills. This project addressed the urgent need to enhance students' interest and performance in STEM courses while fostering skills that are important prerequisities for IT (STEM). Students created a web design to operate their LEGO Robotics project over a five day period. Finally, by end of the week, the girls created a computerized LEGO robot.

Engineering Creativity in Boston
Collaborating Organizations: MADI, Inc. & Women in Engineering-The FunWorks
Grades Served: 5-9
Massachusetts Destination ImagiNation (MADI) collaborated with staff from the Gender, Diversities, and Technology Institute (GDTI) at EDC and delivered hands-on engineering opportunities to Boston girls through creative problem-solving workshops and competition team activities. Members of Northeastern University's student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) supported this effort by being competition day volunteers. Destination ImagiNation is a nonprofit organization which offers young people open-ended engineering and performing arts challenges. Team members brainstorm, use tools, and work as a team in order to arrive at technical and artistic solutions.

Girl Scouts of Montachusett Council Robotics Team
Collaborating Organizations: LEGO Robotics & FIRST LEGO League
Grades Served: 6-9
An all female “Girl Scouts of Montachusett Council FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics Team” competed in at least one FIRST LEGO League Robotics Tournament. Participants were recruited from diverse backgrounds in Worcester County and will likely have no prior exposure or experience in robotics or computer programming. The Robotics Team was instructed by at least one female mentor who is not only knowledgeable in computer science and math, but also has robotics experience and teaching skills.

Girls Robotics Mentors Club
Collaborating Organizations: Robotics after School & Competition Teams and PIP Robotics
Ages Served: 6-8
Twenty girls had the opportunity to explore engineering, design, and programming in a hands-on workshop atmosphere in the "Girls Robotics Mentors Club". Using LEGO robotics, they learned the basics of design and sensor programming in a variety of scenarios. Students used problem solving skills, teamwork and creative solutions. We created a mentor system where these girls assisted in our elementary school robotics program. Girls helped build the PIP after school robotics elementary curriculum, maintained the laptop computers, aided teachers in technical and building support, and provided one-on-one student training.

Learning by Design: Crickets, Creativity, and Computer Science
Collaborating Organizations: Learning by Design: Crickets, Creativity, & Computer Science and PrimeTime Afterschool Program at Wildwood Elementary School
Grades Served: 4-6
Students used the Pico Cricket robotics kits to create sculptures, jewelry, animals, or fantastical creatures that will then be programmed to perform an algorithm. Students gained knowledge and confidence in the areas of materials design and computer programming. Students developed an understanding of the integrated, interactive systems underlying much of today’s consumer products from cell phones to digital microwaves. They also developed a strong understanding of the roots of the information technology revolution.

M.A.G.I.C. Monkeys
Collaborating Organizations: P-16 Education Council and E.A.R.T.H., Ltd.
Grades Served: 7
M.A.G.I.C. Monkeys partnered Wheaton College women majoring in math and science with middle school girls from Mendon, MA, zoo education personnel from Southwick's Zoo, and women architects from Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson, and Abbott in a unique problem-based after school science and engineering project. Specifically, teams of 7th grade girls from Miscoe Middle School will worked together to design zoo exhibits for an African leopard and a group of 3 mandrills for the Southwick Zoo. College students, faculty, architects, and local engineers will serve as coaches for the middle school teams, as they compete to produce the best and most cost-effective designs for consideration by zoo administrators. At the end of the project, the teams presented their designs to zoo personnel, and the best design was selected for construction.

Making It Matter
Collaborating Organizations: Making It Matter & Society of Women Engineers
Grades Served: 4-6
Girl Scouts of Spar and Spindle Council and the Society of Women Engineers -Boston (SWEB), designed a project to introduce girls to fundamental engineering concepts, critical thinking, and female role models who will guide them in a day of scientific activities. It is hoped their cooperation will cement a working relationship providing additional opportunities for under-served girls to experience engineering concepts and hands-on, inquiry–based science programs.

Marine Biology Girls' Summer Camp
Collaborating Organizations: Science Offerings & Science Programming
Grades Served: 6-8
The collaboration of Parent Involvement Program, Inc. (PIP) and Buttonwood Park Zoo will create a new Marine Biology Summer Camp Program for Girls. This program ran for five days and exposed 50 school girls in the Braintree Public Schools. This experience gave students an appreciation of their local environment by delving deep into the waters of New England, and experiencing the "behind the scenes" science of maintaining marine life.

Night Cricket
Collaborating Organizations: Girls Scouts of Spar and Spindle Council & Raytheon CCA/COE
Grades Served: 6-8
Girl Scouts of Spar and Spindle Council, in collaboration with Raytheon CCA/COE designed a workshop to introduce, inform, and motivate girls ages 11-13 on the workings of a circuit card assembly through a hands-on fun activity. Approximately 60 girls, ages 11-13 from the 51 communities and towns of the Spar and Spindle council were recruited to participate in groups of 15 for this workshop. The workshops will be held in the CCA lab at the Raytheon, Andover facility. Raytheon employees will provide technical support and instruction. Girls experienced the use of circuit board components as well as the electronics that make them work. This will be done through a "night cricket". Girls assembled a night cricket in the CCA lab with state of the art equipment.

Saturday Academy for Girls
Collaborating Organizations: Saturday Academy for Girls & Society of Women Engineers
Grades Served: 3-12
The Mary McLeod Bethune Institute provides African America, Latino, and Native American girls ages 8 – 18 with career counseling to ensure early intervention in their planning and implementation of course preparation, extra curricular activities, and exposure to career mentors and role models. This is accomplished by working in collaboration with the Northeastern University (NU) African American Institute. The Mary McLeod Bethune Institute provides the recruitment of students, instructors, curriculum and projects. The NU African American Institute provides facility space and smart classroom accessories for instructional aids. Girls attended ten Saturday STEM program classes and activities.

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