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Acton Aztecs as Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians
Collaborating Organizations: Acton Elementary School and UNT- Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Grades Served: 3- 4
Acton Elementary will work from August 2006 to May 2007 with the girls on the grade-appropriate TAKS-centered Math and Science curriculum. In the 5th grade all Texas students take the Science TAKS test and helping them to get a good grasp of the science concepts tested will definitely make them successful on the test and perhaps raise their awareness of careers in scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical fields of study. The girls will be guided in exploring different avenues of each subject through labs in Acton's Science lab. Technology assignments will be done in the computer lab with the Computer teacher. Math exploration will take place in the classroom in conjunction with our Math district curriculum.

Celebrate Science
Collaborating Organizations: Rolling Plains Education Consortium and New Deal High School
Grades Served: 9 -12
The Science Department at New Deal High School planned and implemented two Science Celebrations during the 2006-2007 school year: Mole Day and DNA Day. Students and teachers from New Deal and districts in the Rolling Plains participated in activities to learn more about the scientific measure of "mole" and the structure and importance of DNA in the agricultural environment in which they live. Events will be planned on the campus of Texas Tech University with participation from the science departments at the university. Mole Day had an emphasis on sports. Activities were centered on the science of sports with presentations by the sports medicine department and athletic department at TTU. DNA Day focused on plant science with presentations by the College of Agricultural Science at TTU. On both days students will have the opportunity to interact informally with students and faculty at the university.

Engineering for Girls
Collaborating Organizations: Red River Valley Girl Scout Council and various school districts
Grades Served: 4-5
Girl Scouts collaborated with school districts in Oklahoma and Texas by working with girls in the area of hands on science, math and engineering experiments. EFG (Engineering for Girls) was an engineering club designed to teach girls the various aspects of engineering as well as helping them prepare for their TAKS tests. We held one session each month during the school day. A Girl Scout coordinator supplied the materials, handouts and staff to conduct each session. School districts supplied the facilities needed and allowed us to work with the girls during the school day.

Expanding Your Horizons
Collaborating Organizations: American Association of University Women and Girlstart
Grades Served: 6–8
Girlstart offered the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) workshop series in Austin, Texas. The program was held at the University of Texas at Austin and had a series of hands-on workshops for middle-school girls led by professional women working in math, science, engineering and technology fields. Girlstart was thrilled to offer this unique workshop for middle school girls from across Central Texas. The day-long program included a series of 50-minute hands-on workshops designed to inspire girls in mathematics, science and technology. The workshops were led by women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. These role models share career awareness information and discuss job satisfaction, educational prerequisites, and descriptions of a typical day on the job.

Girl Props
Collaborating Organizations: Science in the Movies and Art & Soul, Inc.
Grades Served: 1 - 5
Science in the Movies (SIM) and Art & Soul encouraged children to explore their world through creativity. SIM used the excitement of movies and special effects to dazzle and pique children’s curiosity in science while Art & Soul uses traditional artistic media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture to inspire personal creativity. Through Girl Props, students create artistic pieces that will be used to demonstrate science concepts in the SIM presentation. The girls first work with Art & Soul to make the art pieces, and then they are able to participate in the SIM presentation that uses their props.

Girls Robofest
Collaborating Partners: Learning Links, PCS Edventures, and Eanes ISD
Grades Served: 5-12
Learning Links will be working with Eanes ISD, Cooperative Learning Academic program and PCS Edventures to provide training and supply 3 girl Lego Robotics teams with LEGO NXT sets. Learning Links will build the computer programming and leadership skills of girls in 5th-12th grade. PCS Edventures, Eanes Independent School District and Cooperative Learning Academic Program will provide support to the girls’ teams.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Collaborating Partners: Girlstart, Women in Engineering Program, The University of Texas at Austin, Lone Star Girl Scout Council
Grades Served: 1 – 8
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (Girl Day) is celebrated internationally during Engineers Week each year. Families and educators are invited to join their students at UT for an afternoon of engineering fun provided by the Women in Engineering Program (WEP). Girl Day gives over 1,000 first through 8th grade students a chance to: have fun doing grade-specific, hands-on engineering activities, interact with over 200 students, professors and engineers from industry, explore discovery booths hosted by student organizations, corporate partners and community organizations such as Girlstart. Participating Girl Scouts are able to receive a Girl Day patch available through partnership with the Lone Star Girl Scout Council. Current engineering students are provided leadership and presentation skills development opportunities. Girl Day goals include increasing pre-college students interest in engineering, math and science and establishing a line of communication between the pre-college students and WEP.

Science Camp: Inquiry with Real-Time Data
Collaborating Organizations: Academy for Science & Health-CISD, Travis Intermediate
Grades Served: 5 - 6
High School campus will provide female mentors who act as "experts" in the use of real-time data acquisition probeware & sensors as well as senior scientists. Intermediate schools will provide 5-6 grade females who will learn TEKS based information through the use of real-time data equipment, scientific inquiry, and demonstration of their understanding through a mini-science fair exhibit. 1. Create an environment of scientific inquiry supported through the use of real-time data acquisition, mentoring for both younger and older girls, and provide a vehicle of support for intermediate school science teachers. 2. Create, through the use of mentors, skill sets involved in public demonstration of scientific inquiry, creative problem-solving, and increased interests in science, math & technology. 3. Create avenues of collaborative opportunities for intermediate science teachers/students in lab-based, inquiry-based TEKS/TAKS skill and knowledge acquisition.

Zoeys Room & ATW GREAT MINDS Partnership
Collaborating Organizations: Zoeys Room & ATW GREAT MINDS
Grades Served: 5– 9
Girls who have registered for a Zoeys Room/GREAT MINDS membership will not only have full access to all of the online services of Zoeys Room, but will participate in a minimum of two live events hosted by ATW chapters. ATW will also provide access to computers with Internet connection for its members, whether they are individuals or part of a group (such as a girls club). Participants will also have access to ATWs network of business leaders in a non-threatening, fun learning environment. By working together, ATW and Zoeys Room can engage girls in technical concepts both on the Internet and in person at chapter events. By participating in Zoeys Room through an ATW chapter, girls can create a sense of community not only online, but face-to-face with their peers.

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