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Driving with Education
Collaborating Organizations: Wisconsin Electrathon & Women in Engineering Program
Grades Served: 6-12
Students collaborated with a science teacher, local community members, and UW Platteville Women Engineering students to create an electric powered vehicle that competed in the WI Electrathon in May 2006 at Fox Valley Technical College.

Engineering for Young Women
Collaborating Organizations: National Center for Engineering and Technology Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and the Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and Technology
Grades Served: 6-9
This initiative introduced young women to selected engineering concepts and engineering ways of thinking. The National Center developed a workshop that can be implemented in conjunction with the museum's on-going weekend programs for young people.

GEMS: Girls Engaged in Math and Science Club
Collaborating Organizations: GEMS: Girls Engaged in Math and Science & Waupaca School District / Math Team
Grades Served: 6-12
In this club, Waupaca middle school girls focused on STEM type activities, emphasizing hands-on projects. Art and mathematics were linked with a project involving tessellations. Math and nature were linked with a project involving Fibonacci numbers in nature. They did science experiments that the girls were excited to tell their friends about!

Girls and Science Careers
Collaborating Organizations: Girls and Science Careers & Girls in Computer Science
Grades Served: 8-12
Each student and parent worked as a team during this three-day event to design, build and program Lego robots. At the end of the course, each team shared their work and experience with the community through the local newspaper and/or radio. The process was coordinated by a UW-Marshfield professor, a professional computer scientist and computer science students. The three-day schedule offered a combination of laboratory work, recreation, and social activities to strengthen the relationship between family, academy and career.

Pathways to Satisfaction: College Mentors and Young Girls Seeking Adult Outcomes
Collaborating Organizations: Pathways to Satisfaction: A Girls Journey & Sysstas (strong young sisters striving to achieve success)
Grades Served: 6-12
Edgewood College developed a process that focused upon facilitating the adult futures and outcomes realized by youth. The focus in the past had always been special population access. This project continued the work that focuses upon the needs of female youth and will further extend the focus to careers and adult outcomes in math, science and engineering that are not traditionally or proportionately pursued by females. Particular focus will attend to minority females and females who live at the poverty level.

Gateway Pre-college Camps
Collaborating Organizations: Older Girl/Studio 2B Program & Gateway Pre-College Summer Camps
Grades Served: 6-12
The faculty of Gateway Technical College designed summer programs with the STEM curriculum in mind. The programs are experiential learning at its very best. Building a Multi-Media Web Page and 3D Modeling & Animation will be offered. These camps were designed by Gateway Technical College to provide girls from low-income families and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to pursue education, career, and creative possibilities.

Southdale Goes Biotrekking
Collaborating Organizations: Girl Scouts & BioTrek
Grades Served: 4-7
During this summer program for girls, one week was spent working with the UW Madison Biotechnology outreach program called Biotrek. The girls spent four days at the Biotech center working on exciting, hands-on, high-tech science experiments and activities. Girls learned about the scientific process by conducting experiments on yeast. They did several projects on DNA and population genetics as well as became crime scene detectives sleuthing out "alien blood". They experienced electrophoresis and much more.

STEM Workshop for Middle School Girls
Collaborating Organizations: STEM workshop for middle-school girls & Middle School Girls Science Awareness Rock County Engineering Program
Grades Served: 6-8
The staff at UW-Rock County collaborated with Janesville public schools to offer a workshop on April 22, 2006, for middle-school girls and parents, that promoted education and career paths in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). There were several concurrent sessions where girls and their parents chose topics that most interested them (forensics, the physics of music, pond ecology, Google Earth). There was an "education panel" where current UW-Rock STEM students shared their experiences, as well as a "career panel" where various professionals from the field offered their advice and experiences.

STEPS (Science, Technology & Engineering Preview Summer) Camp
Collaborating Organizations: STEPS – Science, Technology & Engineering Preview Summer Camp & National Center for Engineering and Technology Education
Grades Served: 6-8
The SME-Education Foundation selected Gogebic Community College to replicate their signature youth program camp at their campus for girls, due to the college’s rural, isolated location and minority representation of Native Americans. The forty female camp students designed, manufactured, and flew their own remote-controlled model airplane.

Summer Science and Math Academy
Collaborating Organizations: Summer Science, Math, and Technology Academy & Women in Engineering Program
Grades Served: P, K-12
This project targeted girls to participate in a week long summer program emphasizing science, math, and technology. The academy included field trips and women in non-traditional fields in the STEM areas were guest speakers.

SYSSTAS in Science and Technology
Collaborating Organizations: Sysstas (strong young sisters striving to achieve success) & UW Madison PEOPLE Program
Grades Served: 6-8
This project introduced and encouraged girls to learn about STEM fields and connected girls to college age and professional women in STEM fields. In addition, this project created new avenues for partnerships with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. SYSSTAS Role: Provide access and support for STEM students and professionals at the UW-Madison to engage with low-income and minority middle school girls.

Wet & Wild - Girl Scouts of Woodland Council Inc (GSWC)
Collaborating Organizations: Wet & Wild & AAUW/WR Wet and WildAqua Skiers Wet & Wild
Grades Served: 7-12
Wet & Wild was a two day resident camp designed to introduce girls and adult troop leaders to the science of water and water sports, and its impact on our communities. At Lake Petenwell, girls and leaders learned the basic physics of water skiing with a personal lesson with an Aqua Skiers instructor. They also studied weather and actually experienced its affect as they learned to wind surf and sail. At camp, The Making Waves (GSUSA science curriculum/badge work) will be used for some basic pond water experiments. An Operations Engineer from a local paper mill gave the girls a glimpse of being a woman in a technical field. The girls gained an appreciation for solid ecological practices.

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